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Hush Comics
Hush Comics is an up-and-coming idea of Adrian Puryear and Sherif Elkhatib. With the help from our friend John Soweto, we are making Hush Comics a reality. We have spent a majority of our lives in Aurora, Colorado and share a dream of opening up a comic book store here in Denver.

When we met, we were both closeted nerds. After 6 years together, we have let our nerdy selves bloom into the people we are today. The inspiration behind Hush Comics began with the desire to find a place where urban comic book nerds can fit in. We’ve all been there, right? You show up to a new comic book store, and the guy behind the counter treats you like a dumbass when, really, you just want to learn but don’t know where to start. Sure, there are a few helpful Comic Book Guys out there, but many of them are just like the one in the Simpsons. We envision a community environment where people can go and unwind. We want to talk about good Hip-Hop, new movies, video games and toys coming out. We want to hold events in the community and help support other local businesses.

My Moderators Sessions

Sunday, May 4

10:00am MDT