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Peter Wacks


Throughout the course of his life, Peter has acted (Revenge of the Nerds and others), he has designed—and written story-lines for—games (the best-selling Cyberpunk CCG), written novels and other fiction (like Second Paradigm, which landed him a guest speaker gig at Mensa on writing true nonlinear concepts), and even gotten nominated for a Bram Stoker Award for his first graphic novel, Behind These Eyes (co-written with Guy Anthony De Marco.) Currently, he is the managing editor of Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta’s Wordfire Press and he is working on his next 3 novels with Xena writer Steven L. Sears.


His upcoming releases include:

Hair Of The Wolf (2014) – Urban Fantasy

Bloodletting; Book 1 of Heart Of The World; The Affinities (2014) – Fantasy

VilleAnne (2014) – Heroes & Villains

Canton Bounties (2014) – Steampunk Web Comic